1. Where is OnlyBestWriters main headquarters located?
A. Our office is located in Rizal, Philippines, a country with a huge number of excellent English speakers and writers who can deliver unparalleled work for both local and international clients.


2. Where do you find your contractors? What countries are they from?
A. A majority of our contractors are Filipinos. We have a rigid application process wherein only those showcasing excellent English proficiency, expertise, and dedication can pass. Applicants are carefully screened and are highly trained professionals in their fields of expertise.

3. What are some of the services you offer?
A. We exclusively offer services surrounding content creation, such as writing, editing, proofreading, encoding, and now, rewriting or spinning.

4. Do your contractors use any type of software to write articles or proofread or edit content?

A. All our writers, editors, proofreaders, encoders and rewriters handle work themselves—the use of software to automate the completion of any work is prohibited in our company. All of our work is original and done manually to ensure accuracy of the information we provide you with.


5. If I order articles, how can I be sure they are unique?
A. OnlyBestWriters does not approve to plagiarism of any kind. We will never tolerate it, and have made certain that our writers understand this. We have never had writers who committed any kind of plagiarism, so that assures you of the stricture that we are imposing when it comes to originality.


6. What is your policy for revisions?
A. In case you want the work to be revised, our revision turnaround is two days. We only accept two revisions for every project, and any further revision request will be paid. We will require you the reasons you have for wanting the work revised, as well as some further instructions for our employees.


7. Do you offer custom pricing?  

A. Custom pricing is only applied to page counts and minutes that exceed those included in our price list. You will know right away the price that you will be paying for our services based on your word count requirement or the number of pages the output will be. Thus, there is no surprise charge or any thing that will be disagreeable to you.

8. What if I need content written on delicate or unusual topics? Will Worry OnlyBestWriters do these orders?
 A. We always do our best to complete any order that we receive, and we make it a point to hire open-minded, discreet professionals. If you think your topic is delicate, please contact us immediately and let us see what we can do.


9. What payment methods do you accept?
 A. We currently take PayPal and credit card payments through PayPal’s payment facility. Checks or money orders for our services are not accepted at this time.


10. What is the average turnaround time for an order?
A. It depends on the order and what it entails. Articles to be written or rewritten and documents to be proofread, edited and encoded are usually always filled within 3-7 working days. Less content (pages, words or minutes) can be expected within 48 hours, while bulk or much delicate projects will be returned between 5 and 7 days. We guarantee that all projects will be completed in a span of 30 days, or else you get a refund for your payment. Please remember that all projects are double-checked by our editors and quality assurance for consistency and correctness so that they do not have to be revised again. Our process ensures that the work you requested is done perfectly.

11. Do you ever run specials or sales on your services?
A. Not entirely called sales, but we do offer a $5 discount for the next project you will submit if it is your first time to hire us. Also, we make you a priority customer if you pay for a special treatment service; this offer is good for bulk work. Details about this are available on our Rate page. We recommend that you always check our site for new offers from time to time.














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