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OnlyBestWriters has a serious dedication to the production and providence of quality, above-the-bar contents. We have a tight screening process and we only keep those writers who meet our standards as well as yours. Our clients deserve only original articles worded according to the requested style, tone, format, language and guidelines. With us, worries are dispensed, confidence is boosted.  

To ensure you that you will be getting a good service (or you will be having a good expense for your money), here are some factual details about our pool of writers.


Hands-on Experience

Our writers have been writing for not less than three years, and that time is really enough to hone one’s talent and kindle one’s passion for the noble journalistic profession. Our strict recruitment process filters applicants according to many factors, and one of which is their tenure in writing contents.


English Background

Our writers are graduates of high-esteemed courses like Journalism, Development Communication, and other BA degrees from reputable schools in the Philippines. These schools require the utilization of the English language in their common campus and classroom vernacular, so they have been speaking and writing in English for a very long time.


Our writers have received some heart-warming responses from clients, congratulating them for good work, timely turnaround, writing style, adherence to specifications and other grounds.

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Our writers are capable of tackling practically any topic or subject you can come up with under the sun. They can produce exceptional content in any creative, technical, informative, incisive or conversational subject matter. Definitely, our writers will be able to deliver great outputs from all of these areas:




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Value for Skills

Our writers are all professionals who consider writing as a noble profession that should receive good compensation as other jobs that require much mental exertion. As they have always been consistent with quality, they think that every effort they give and every word they write should not just be disregarded.


Hence, our expert writers deem that the appropriate, industry-standard compensation for a short article with 300 words is between $5 and $10. This entails a very positive meaning: That our writers uphold their skills high and will do anything just to keep it to that level. Given this, we expect our clients to be fair and understanding. Besides, any client who wants only good content will be willing to pay for it no matter how costly it can be.



Although it is needless, we are giving you a taste of the English skills and writing quality that our writers can provide you. Excerpts of their articles are below.


Excerpt 1


Wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike will rave about the benefits of using a deer feeder to better facilitate the sightseeing and hunting process. This will enable you to attract deer without any danger of scaring them away. You may now photograph or observe the animal during the feeding session or hunt them down more efficiently.

You can either purchase a deer feeder or make your own. There are free standing and hanging deer feeders available at your favorite online or retail shop. A deer feeder is a type of equipment that is used to attract deer and has a feeding mechanism that disposes food or bait.



Excerpt 2


The game Resident Evil 4 is more commonly known as Biohazard 4 in Japan. It is a third-person shooter video game that was originally developed for PlayStation 2. The game was released in North America on January 11, 2005, and on the 27th of the same month in Japan. In this survival horror game, the player takes on the role of a government agent named Leon S. Kennedy, who also appeared in the previous game, Resident Evil 2. The setting of the game is in Spain, where a malevolent menace arises and where the daughter of the President is being held in captive.



Excerpt 3


Dr. Fernando Siles, originally from Peru, has been playing the quena, a native Peruvian wood flute, for almost 20 years. Currently a practicing psychiatrist in the Dallas, Texas area, Dr. Siles has developed a unique music therapy called “visual imagery.”  Results from simple relaxation to major psychiatric breakthroughs (help with anxiety disorders, lifting of depression, integration of multiple personalities) have occurred after listening to his original flute music.

As a result of these findings and a desire to share his music with more people, Dr. Siles decided to record some of these magical melodies. These early studio demo sessions later become his debut CD “Peruvian Soul,” which was nominated for a Just Plain Folks Music Award for New Age Album of the Year 2008-2009, and produced two number 1 hits on Sirius Radio Spa 73. Following this, his long awaited sophomore CD "The Flute Doctor" was just released in October 2010, and is poised to be another strong effort by the Flute Doctor himself, Dr. Fernando Siles.



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