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We get your order through our Order Form or Contact Form.


We validate your order and discuss its details with you.


We discuss rates according to project volume, time demands and difficulty. View rates by clicking the tab at the right.


We request an initial payment that is 50% of the original price indicated in the Rates section. Money is paid through PayPal.


We assign your order to the corresponding group, which will produce the content within the succeeding 48 hours. (Bigger projects will take more

       time to produce.)


The group forwards the output to our quality assurance department to ensure that it meets your requirements and specifications.

We send the initial copy (in a PDF file) to you. If it is correct, the remaining balance will be requested and the Word file will be sent after. If parts of it are problematic, a revision request will be requested from you (this will

                 include all details you want to change, as well as further instructions).


The output will be revised by the concerned group in a span of 1 to 2 days.


The second copy of the output will be delivered to you, now perfect with all the necessary changes applied. Payment balance will be requested.


The project is closed, and a comment or testimonial for the service will be requested from you.


























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